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Beyond Bad Blood: Healthtech Startup Truvian Hopes to Succeed Where Theranos Failed

The Logic- March 12, 2021

Truvian added scientific advisors early on and provided potential investors an abundance of data.... Read more


Truvian Sciences Receives $105 Million Series C Funding

Truvian’s big picture goal for this technology is for it to decentralize healthcare by bringing point-of-care (POC) diagnostic testing to a highly complex, distributed market.... Read more


Truvian Sciences Raises $105M Series C to Fund Development of Point-of-Care Testing Platform

Medtech Insight- February 24, 2021

“This is really about disrupting the way that industry is structured today,” CEO Jeff Hawkins said. “One of the core tenets to the approach we took to even developing this technology was [that] we wanted the point-of-care test to have...... Read more


No More Waiting for Central Lab Results: Truvian Raises $105M

Timmerman Report- February 24, 2021

Compact and fully automated point-of-care blood testing solutions will certainly have a more prominent role as consumers demand the convenience of accessing test results at a local pharmacy, an on-site clinic, at work, or at a physician's office.... Read more


Truvian Raises $105M, Plans to Submit Benchtop Blood-Testing Tech to FDA

MedCityNews- February 24, 2021

Unlike Theranos, Truvian is seeking regulatory clearance from the outset, and bringing in laboratory experts to validate its approach. As it approaches its FDA submission, Truvian plans to ramp up clinical trials and manufacturing of cartridges for its device.... Read more

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