Reimagining Blood Diagnostics


Nearly all medical decisions depend on laboratory test results. These tests are vital for disease prevention and chronic disease monitoring and maintenance. Addressing chronic disease through preventive care can improve health outcomes and save consumers and payers money by avoiding costly secondary and tertiary care. Yet almost half of the U.S. adult population alone have a chronic health issue that has gone undetected, undiagnosed, and untreated.

Studies show that roughly 40% of patients have skipped a doctor-ordered test or procedure. The administration, processing and reporting of blood testing is often inconvenient, time-consuming, costly and relies on antiquated centralized laboratory models, which are slow and inefficient, particularly in outpatient settings. The consequences of this complexity for patients can be significant, including missed or delayed diagnosis and treatment of disease, which can result in substandard healthcare outcomes for at-risk individuals.

The Truvian Approach

At Truvian, we are building modern diagnostics that produce lab-accurate, actionable test results to help early detection and prevention of chronic conditions. The Truvian Platform combines proven testing technologies into a single machine capable of producing lab-accurate, actionable test results across a broad panel in minutes and in any setting.  The instrument is capable of producing results across various assay types including immunoassay, clinical chemistry, and hematology tests simultaneously. Our first panel is a comprehensive wellness panel that includes over 90% of the most frequently ordered routine blood tests encompassing 35 tests and requires a single tube and only 8 drops of blood.

The ability to provide central lab-quality results anywhere will dramatically shift how chronic disease is detected and treated. With timely access to results, healthcare providers can diagnose and treat patients in real-time, which increases patient engagement and participation in their healthcare decisions and outcomes. By streamlining blood diagnostics into a single visit, healthcare costs can be reduced for patients and healthcare systems, while making it easier to monitor and manage chronic conditions and improve patient health, allowing for longer, healthier living.

Accelerating the Transition to a Sustainable Healthcare Ecosystem

It is Truvian’s mission to develop technology that makes routine blood testing more convenient, affordable, and actionable, and we are delivering on this vision through rigorous, data-driven science, and transparency. Bringing the central lab closer to patients will help to empower greater interactions between patients and their healthcare providers. To help us with this mission, we have appointed a board of directors and scientific advisors composed of highly respected leaders in the medical, technology and healthcare diagnostics industries. In addition, our team of experienced scientists and engineers are now partnering with academic and industry leaders to perform clinical studies to evaluate and validate the performance of Truvian technology.

Succeeding When Others Have Fallen Short

While in late-stage development, Truvian is laser focused on taking a rigorous and deliberate journey to confirm that our product will meet regulatory, market, and customer needs. We have run more than 2,700 patient samples on our growing fleet of instruments this year alone, and have also completed eight independent clinical studies, including with external partners. These studies are critical components of our development process, with each study providing invaluable data to assess and improve platform performance, as well as helping us gain invaluable customer feedback in real-world settings.

We recently completed a multi-site clinical study and presented results last month at ADLM’s annual meeting. In this study, we demonstrated that Truvian’s Platform was concordant to central laboratory testing across 35 tests in a large wellness panel with over 230 patients. In addition, we showed the system was reliable and met both linearity and sensitivity goals. This accomplishment is an important and meaningful step forward for our team and industry Рand we are well on our way to realizing our vision Рto create a product that can truly transform the future of affordable, accessible blood testing across the globe.

Learn more about Truvian’s technology.

Download Truvian’s poster presented at last month’s Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine conference to see results of our most recent multi-site clinical study.


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